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Articles Tagged 'Expat Brits'

Measuring Cups

A British Expat’s Guide to Cooking in the U.S.

I quite often tell Brits in America to keep a dictionary handy, and never more so than when cooking. Seriously, a recipe that tells you to grill something means stick it on the backyard BBQ, and an instruction to broil means to place it in the oven under what we would call the grill. And […]

Stay Warm

Brits in a Cold Climate

I was raised in the frozen tundra of North East England. Icy Scandinavian winds came howling in from the North Sea, stinging my cheeks and making my two-bus journey to school a misery in winter. Cold? I didn’t even know the meaning of the word. Here in the upper section of the U.S. it gets […]

Dachshund puppy

How to Cope with the Expat Christmas Blues

Unless you’d rather visit Guantanamo than your family during the festive season, chances are you’ll be feeling a little glum come late December. Here’s how to lift your Christmas spirits when you’re thousands of miles from the people you love. 1. Host an “orphans” Christmas If you haven’t got anywhere to be on the 25th, […]

Maple Syrup on Pancakes

10 Reasons to Be Cheerful About Living in the U.S.

It’s nearly Christmas, people! So put your fingers in your ears and hum loudly every time someone mentions the fiscal cliff or tax hikes and think about all the positives that come from residing in America. 1. Keeping that youthful glow It’s not the fancy lotions you can buy over the counter at posh U.S. […]