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WATCH: Emma Watson in New Clip from ‘Colonia’

She may have announced she’s taking a year-long break from acting, but that doesn’t mean UN ambassador, feminist campaigner and all-round good egg Emma Watson is disappearing from our theater screens straight away. Vulture has an exclusive clip of Colonia, a movie she filmed last year before going on sabbatical. Emma plays Lena, a young woman who […]

“Noah” – UK Premiere – Red Carpet Arrivals

Emma Watson Taking a Break from Acting

We can look forward to seeing Emma Watson in the forthcoming films Colonia (2016), The Circle (2016) and Beauty and the Beast (2017). But once those films come out, there may be a bit of a wait to see the young actress on the big screen, as she’s taking a year-long hiatus from acting. This […]


WATCH: Emma Watson in the Unsettling New ‘Colonia’ Trailer

She’s miles away from Hermione here: a new trailer has been released for Emma Watson drama Colonia, co-starring Daniel Brühl. In the film based on true events, Watson plays a woman who joins a cult to rescue her boyfriend (Brühl) who is being held captive during the Chilean military coup in 1973. Michael Nyqvist plays […]


Emma Watson Has Started a Book Club

And you’re invited! If you’ve been looking for a new hobby and playing around with the idea of joining a book club but can’t make the commitment, maybe Emma Watson being the “showrunner” is the push you need. Watson had the idea of a book club, reaching out to Twitter followers for some help in bringing […]


Personality Quiz: Who’s Your Celebrity Lady Crush?

Infatuation is a serious business and one that is best not left to people who can’t handle the pressure. Develop a fixation on any of the seven astonishing women in this quiz, and you are going to have to become a better person as a result. There will be a lot of book reading, a […]

Emma Watson (Photo: Gerard Julien/Getty Images)

WATCH: Emma Watson Hunts Daniel Brühl in ‘Colonia’ Trailer

The best thing about the Toronto International Film Festival is the sudden avalanche of movie trailers that arrive just as it gets started. Then we can find out what everyone’s been up to over the past few months. So, a hearty welcome back to Emma Watson, who takes a lead role in Florian Gallenberger’s new […]


Emma Watson Declared ‘Voice of a Generation’ by Vogue U.K.

British actress Emma Watson appears on the September cover of Vogue U.K. with the words, “Voice of a generation,” emblazoned under her name. In 2014 Watson became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, giving a speech that resulted in the #HeForShe campaign. Part of her speech was directed at men as a whole, saying, […]

Tom Hiddleston dancing (Pic: Channel 4)

WATCH: 10 British Actors Who Can (and Will) Dance

The British celebrities we tend to keep an eye on may carry themselves as if they’re sensitive artistes, for whom dignity is on equal footing with oxygen as a necessity for life itself, but rest assured, they’re all, without exception, incredible show-offs. And as sure as day follows yesterday, with incredible off-showing comes incredible dancing. […]


Emma Watson Set to Star in ‘The Circle’ Opposite Tom Hanks

Emma Watson’s star continues to rise, set to appear opposite one of Hollwyood’s heavy hitters Tom Hanks in the technological thriller The Circle. It was just announced today (June 25) that Watson is confirmed to star in the film adaptation of Dave Eggers‘ novel by the same name, reports The novel just came out in 2013, revolving around a […]

Felicity Jones and Rosamund Pike (Pics: Jon Kopaloff and Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Forget Harvard: Which of Your Favorite Stars Are Oxford Grads?

When it comes to prestige, the British education system works on a fairly simple hierarchy. There’s no Ivy League, no jostling for position. There is Oxford University and its many colleges, and there is Cambridge University and its many colleges, and then there is everywhere else. That’s not to say Manchester or Durham or Edinburgh […]

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