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“The Circle” Paris Photocall At Hotel Le Bristol In Paris

Will Emma Watson Be Reunited with Her Cherished Lost Rings?

We don’t typically do this, share a call to action, but, hey, if we can help Emma Watson out, we’re going to do it. Emma turned to Facebook earlier this week to reach out to her fandom, and people who were possibly at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in London on Sunday this past weekend, because she accidentally left […]


Emma Watson Has an American Lookalike in Indianapolis, Indiana

With billions of people in the world, it’s not unimaginable that one person might be a dead ringer for another. In the most recent case of celebrity lookalike spotting, it’s emerged that Emma Watson has a doppelgänger. (Coincidentally, we recently reported on a similar lookalike case with Watson’s Harry Potter costar Daniel Radcliffe.) Meet, Kari Lewis, 27, who is […]

Emma Watson (Photo: Gerard Julien/Getty Images)

Emma Watson Just Gave One ‘Harry Potter’ Fan the Perfect Study Boost

It’s safe to presume Emma Watson knows a thing or two about productive studying. Hogwarts may have been imaginary (sadly), but the British actress went back to school after finishing the Harry Potter films and hit the books hard. In May 2014, after studying at both Brown University in the U.S and Oxford University in the […]


First Look: Whole Cast Brought to Life in New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Posters

Special posters released yesterday (January 26) have given us our first look at the big-name stars who make up the supporting cast of Beauty and the Beast. We’ve already seen Emma Watson as a pitch-perfect Belle in the first trailer, not to mention Downton‘s Dan Stevens, who, let’s face it, could only convincingly play a “Beast” with the use […]


WATCH: Dan Stevens and Emma Watson in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Table Read

We’ve finally got a glimpse of lead actors Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in their roles of Belle and the Beast for the live-action reboot of the Disney classic. A 47-second clip released yesterday (September 1) shows them together at the first table-read, and though they’re in civilian clothes—and Dan at least is lacking the extensive make-up and prosthetics […]

Noma Dumezweni and Emma Watson

Emma Watson and Grown-Up Hermione Meet Backstage

Daniel Radcliffe might not have seen it yet, but Hogwarts classmate Emma Watson has jumped at the chance to see a preview of new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London’s West End. Her verdict? “AMAZING”. In a post on Facebook yesterday, she wrote, “Some things about the play were, I think, possibly even more beautiful than the films. Having seen […]

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