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Musician Jack Garratt performs onstage during Lucian Grainge’s 2016 Artist Showcase Presented by American Airlines and Citi at The Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown LA on February 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

LISTEN: Could This Guy Be The Next Sam Smith?

This guy is Jack Garratt, the latest hat-wearing, ukulele-wielding Brit to try his luck in America, with a U.S. tour starting today. The singer-songwriter and all-round musical wunderkind is currently causing ripples on the other side of the pond. “But why should we care?” we hear you cry. Well. Jack recently won the coveted Critics’ Choice Award at […]

Ed Sheeran (Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

LISTEN: Ed Sheeran Records ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in Irish

Here’s a lovely pre-Christmas treat for any fans of Ed Sheeran who speak Irish (or Gaeilge, if you’d prefer). Ed has recorded a special Irish language version of “Thinking Out Loud” as part of a special CD that will be distributed free to Irish schoolchildren in the new year. “Ag Smaoineamh Os Ard” will be […]

Ed Sheeran: Have guitar, will cover (Pic: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Ed Sheeran Joins the Cast of Gory New Medieval Drama

When it comes to casting actors for a hot new TV show, it should be fairly clear that it’s not a terrifically good idea to bring in one of the hottest (and therefore busiest) pop stars on the planet, especially if they are to have a recurring role. But then, the producers of the upcoming […]

Ed Sheeran: Have guitar, will cover (Pic: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Ed Sheeran’s Best Unexpected Cover Songs

On Monday night (June 1), Ed Sheeran appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for an amusing skit in which he played soothing acoustic singer-songwriter covers of notable metal classics like Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” and Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff.” For a comedy show like Fallon’s it’s an easy juxtaposition gag. You […]

“One Chance” – European Premiere – Red Carpet Arrivals

Take That’s Gary Barlow Adds ‘Wedding Crasher’ to His CV

One of the original boybanders from the ‘90s, Gary Barlow of Take That, has been feeling charitable these days, popping up at unsuspecting newlyweds’ wedding receptions to perform a song. If you’re not that familiar with Barlow, he was a founding member of Take That with Robbie Williams. Barlow went off on his own to […]

Ed Sheeran on Sesame Street (Pic: Instagram)

WATCH: Ed Sheeran Fits Right Into ‘Sesame Street’

Muppet guest appearances are a strange affair. Some people come away from the experience looking pinker and more hairless and essentially human than they did before. For some people, as Ed Sheeran proved yesterday, the experience serves to highlight the muppetiest aspects of their physical appearance. Suddenly the eyes look a little more boggly, the […]

Madonna at the Brit Awards 2015

Madonna Takes a Tumble at the Brit Awards

Let’s just get one thing clear before we start looking at the key moments from last night’s Brit Awards, nothing can possibly match the moment when Madonna, standing on a plinth and surrounded by dancers in dionysian states of ecstasy, was yanked backwards by her cape, coming a cropper three feet to the right in […]

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards – Telecast

Snapshot: Brits Hold Court at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Sundays are typically quiet with people winding down after the weekend, and gearing up for the workweek. But, not this past Sunday with both the 2015 BAFTAs happening in London, and a Brit-tastic presence at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Here’s a look at the British musicians and groups who represented at the 57th annual […]

Ed Sheeran meets the Stig

Ed Sheeran’s First Driving Lesson, with the Stig

Tonight sees the return of Top Gear to BBC AMERICA (8:30pm ET) and as usual, they have put a star in their reasonably priced car. This week, the singer-songwriter-popstar Ed Sheeran has the chance to show what he can do around their twisty track, but in a startling break with tradition, Ed is the first […]

Sam Smith

Sam Smith Dominates Brit Award Nominations

Yesterday was all about Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and a little golden fella called Oscar. Today it’s all about Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and a winged statuette called Britannia (as designed by Tracey Emin). The nominations for this year’s Brit Awards are in, and it’s a largely a celebration of the pop talents that made […]

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