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Articles Tagged 'Death in Heaven'

Michelle Gomez as Missy

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Scary Poppins

*SPOILERS* Don’t read if you haven’t yet seen “Death in Heaven.” That’s it then. Season 8 has been and gone and all we have to show for it are some deep emotional scars and vastly depleted personal stocks of adrenaline. The Doctor and Clara have said a fond farewell. We’ve lost a few good friends […]

Missy and the Doctor

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: “You Know Who I Am”

It’s been quite a week for Doctor Who fans, has it not? MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t seen “Dark Water”! > > > > > > > > > Not only have we had to deal with the shocking death of Danny Pink, and his subsequent journey into the afterlife/Nethersphere/promised land, but it turns […]