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Lady Gaga to Perform David Bowie Grammy Tribute

Lady Gaga will pay tribute to her idol David Bowie at the upcoming Grammys on February 15, the New York Times is reporting. The Grammys had been scrambling to find a way to pay their respects to the iconic Bowie, who passed away last month, and they found their solution in the chameleonic Gaga, who’d […]

Premiere Of “Moon” At The 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

David Bowie’s Son Gives Thanks to Fans

Director Duncan Jones, 44, the son of the late Davie Bowie, reached out to the famed musician’s fans using Twitter. Jones had previously announced that he’d be “offline for a while,” which is completely understandable. Jones recently took to Twitter to send a thank you note and brief update: Hi all. Just wanted to thank you […]


David Bowie’s LGBT Legacy

David Bowie came out as gay in 1972, then as bisexual in 1976, and, years later, walked it all back with a statement that he had been a “closet heterosexual.” Nonetheless, Bowie was an LGBT icon, and there was an outpouring of grief and reflection from the community after his passing this past Sunday (January […]

David Bowie in 2004 (Photo: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

RIP David Bowie: Where Are We Now?

The relationship between British rock stars and America falls broadly into two camps. There are those that seek to curate and maintain a tradition—blues, folk, soul—and those that are so excited about everything they just want to have a go at all of it. David Bowie, who died yesterday (January 10) after an 18-month battle with […]

David Bowie (Photo: Steve Wood / Stringer / Getty Images)

10 Things You Need to Know About David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars?’

“Life on Mars?” is an enigmatic song with its origins in chanson—the lengthy, lyric-driven and often melancholy songs of France—and a definite eye on both middle-of-the-road balladry and the latest developments in music in the early 1970s. And for such an opaque fable with a bleak view of the modern world, it has become a […]

Sia ‘This is Acting’ (Photo: RCA)

10 Albums to Watch Out For in 2016

2015 is about to dispense the very last of its available thrills, the new year’s eve party, and when that’s done, we have to face the new year with nothing but a thirst for fresh excitement and a slightly throbbing head for company. What we need is fresh music, and we need it now. So, […]

David Bowie (Photo: Steve Wood/Getty Images)

British Professor to Live as David Bowie for a Year

The David Bowie of the 1970s was a mercurial beast. One minute a rainbow velociraptor with ginger mullet, the next a crooning twig in baggy trousers, or a vampire Fred Astaire, or a harlequin with an upside-down ice-cream cone on his head. And all the while he was writing and recording songs of extreme strangeness […]

Variety Studio Presented By Moroccanoil At Holt Renfrew – Day 4 – 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Eddie Redmayne Tops GQ Magazine’s Best-Dressed List

The Theory of Everything’s Eddie Redmayne has topped GQ’s best-dressed list of 2015. And, we’re only a week into the year. Redmayne is followed by Benedict Cumberbatch, with Jamie Dornan rounding out the third spot … woah, woah, this list is seriously Britished-up. Okay, we need to “stop the presses,” or “slow the roll,” whichever […]

Duran Duran

5 Little-Known Duran Duran Songs Worth Spinning

Yesterday was Duran Duran appreciation day, and to mark it properly, the band took a picture of themselves hard at work on their new album with producers Mark Ronson and their old friend (and guitar demon) Nile Rodgers. Look, here it is: It was so awesome to be in a real studio recording with a […]

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