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Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Fallon (Photo: NBC)

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Soaked on ‘The Tonight Show’

Somehow, the close crop Daniel Radcliffe is wearing these days just makes this footage seem crueller, as he and Jimmy Fallon embark on a game that involves ritually pouring water on each other’s heads. On last night’s Tonight Show, Daniel and Jimmy played the card game War, with pint glasses filled with cold water (although […]


WATCH: Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig stars as 007 once again in Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise. While the film is sure to be a U.S. blockbuster, it seems that we just can’t stop talking about who’ll be the next Bond once Craig hangs up his suspenders. In this episode of the Anglophenia YouTube series, […]

Daniel Craig as James Bond (Pic: MGM/Columbia Pictures)

Daniel Craig’s Not Keen on Playing Bond (For a While)

You may read across the internet several hair-raising headlines about Daniel Craig and his future in the role of the James Bond franchise. Each one fillets a choice, brutal image from an interview he gave to Time Out, in which he appears to be totally done with the suit and the stunts. But what did […]

Daniel Craig in ‘SPECTRE’ (Photo: Eon Productions)

Daniel Craig Glowers in New ‘Spectre’ Poster

In all the kerfuffle this week about whether Idris Elba is too (ahem) “street” to play James Bond one crucial element has been entirely overlooked. The current James Bond, Mr. Daniel Craig, is still doing the job, and according to the latest poster for Spectre—Bond’s next adventure—he looks like a former Mongolian fighting bear (albeit […]

Daniel Craig in ‘Spectre’ (Pic: MGM/Columbia)

WATCH: Bond is Back in Full-length ‘Spectre’ Trailer

After everything that happened in Skyfall, you’d think the top brass at Mi5 would cut James Bond a little slack from time to time. He did stop that fella who blew up their office building, after all. Well it seems not. According to the new, full-length trailer for Spectre, he’s once again on the wrong […]

Daniel Craig as James Bond (Pic: MGM/Columbia Pictures)

Sam Mendes Thought Daniel Craig was a “Terrible Idea” for Bond

We’re all getting geared up for the release of the latest James Bond movie Spectre, the fourth to star Daniel Craig in the lead role and the consolidation of his hard-bitten and growly version of that character. So it’s interesting to note that the movie’s director Sam Mendes wasn’t entirely sure that Daniel would make […]

Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘Spectre’ (Pic: Facebook)

WATCH: The “Bond, James Bond” Moment in ‘Spectre’

It’s funny how a catchphrase can grow out of a simple inability to say your own name the right way around. Ask anyone their name, and if they say their surname, and then their full name, it sounds like they’re doing a James Bond impression. That’s without the suit, without the unique and flinty air […]

Benedict Cumberbatch backstage at Red Nose Day (Pic: NBC)

British Stars Turn Out for First U.S. Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day arrived at NBC yesterday, and among the fun and hoopla, an avalanche of British stars turning out to perform skits and songs and generally lark about. They’re doing so in order to raise money for Comic Relief, a charity set up by Richard Curtis and British comedian Lenny Henry to tackle famine […]

Daniel Craig in ‘Spectre’ (Pic: MGM)

Daniel Craig on Spoilers and the ‘Spectre’ Teaser Trailer

At the end of last week, a teaser trailer for the new James Bond movie Spectre was released, one that suggests that the film not only continues where Skyfall left off, but also offers a shadowy hint as to who exactly he’ll be doing battle with this time around. But if you imagine that anyone […]


First Look: Daniel Craig as James Bond in ‘Spectre’ Poster

James Bond has a Twitter account, and he’s putting it to use. While Bond is getting all techy with social media, actor Daniel Craig is going old school with his look and gear in the recently Tweeted poster for Spectre: Here is the official #SPECTRE teaser poster — James Bond (@007) March 17, 2015 […]

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