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Premiere Of FX’s “Legion” Season 2 – Red Carpet

Dan Stevens Joins Harrison Ford in ‘Call of the Wild’ Movie

Dan Stevens and Harrison Ford together in one place? Hubbida, hubbida. OK, both leading men are definite heartthrobs, but putting aesthetics aside, their combined acting strengths gives some serious oomph to the forthcoming film Call of the Wild, an adaptation of Jack London‘s 1903 novel by the same name. Ford’s involvement in the film was […]

Actor Dan Stevens arrives at the premiere of FX’s “Legion” at the Pacific Design Center on January 26, 2017 in West Hollywood, California.

WATCH: Leaked Footage Shows Dan Stevens Filming ‘Beauty and the Beast’ without the CGI

Transforming Dan Stevens into a beast always seemed to us like a difficult task, but new footage recently leaked from the set of Beauty and the Beast finally reveals how they did it. The behind-the-scenes video features interviews with the stars and production crew of the live-action remake, who explain just what went into turning Downton Abbey‘s delightfully dapper Matthew Crawley into a […]

Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Audra McDonald, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellen, Bill Condon And Alan Menken  Arrive At Alice Tully Hall For The New York Special Screening Of Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation “Beauty And The Beast”

10 Times Dan Stevens Made Our Hearts Go ‘Ba-Bum’

If you’ve been enjoying Dan Stevens in the Marvel TV series Legion, you’re not alone. Stevens himself has been loving playing the unlikely superhero, telling Fox News, “It’s been wonderful. David is absolutely a delicious role.” When we first meet David Haller, he’s being held in an psychiatric hospital, (look away now if you haven’t seen the show!) […]

Actor Dan Stevens arrives at the premiere of FX’s “Legion” at the Pacific Design Center on January 26, 2017 in West Hollywood, California.

WATCH: Dan Stevens Reveals How He Was Transformed into a Beast

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast will see Ewan McGregor turn into a candlestick, while co-stars Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson will morph into a clock and a teapot, respectively. But the transformation that’s hardest to envisage is Dan Stevens shape-shifting into anything even vaguely beast-like. And yet beastly he is. The latest trailer, released last week (January 31), shows him towering […]


First Look: Whole Cast Brought to Life in New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Posters

Special posters released yesterday (January 26) have given us our first look at the big-name stars who make up the supporting cast of Beauty and the Beast. We’ve already seen Emma Watson as a pitch-perfect Belle in the first trailer, not to mention Downton‘s Dan Stevens, who, let’s face it, could only convincingly play a “Beast” with the use […]


10 Stars We’ll Be Seeing Much, Much More of in 2017

There are the Tom Hiddlestons and Benedict Cumberbatches of the world, but you know what: We don’t want to focus only on our favorites. So let’s spread the love and put the spotlight on some talent we think are really going places — with some new faces, and some already well on their way. Here’s just some of […]

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