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10 Cult Hit Comedies We Find Ourselves Missing

Search Party starring Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat started this week (November 21) on TBS, with all ten episodes available online just in time for a(nother) Thanksgiving binge. It’s already been called “One of the best shows of the year,” with our very own Nick Levine going so far as to say it’s got all the hallmarks of a cult […]

Steptoe and Son

6 American Sitcoms Based on British Originals

Back in November, the Anglophenia video channel pulled together a comprehensive list of all of the American TV shows that were given a dusting down and a glittering up for an American audience. Some were huge hit shows on both sides of the Atlantic, but featured a cast list that would’ve been unrecognizable to fans […]

Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G

Relax, It’s Just a Joke: When British Comedy Met Real-Life

Hello, are you having a nice day? Feeling happy with your lot, and looking forward to a week of excitment and general happiness? Well, if so and you wish to continue in this carefree vein, you may wish to skip one or two (or all) of these clips, because these are the British comedy shows […]

Rik Mayall

RIP Rik Mayall: His Greatest Roles

The comedian and actor Rik Mayall has died, aged 56. His manager confirmed the news earlier today, telling BBC News: “We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Rik Mayall, who passed away this morning.” No single figure better personified the explosive arrival of alternative comedy in the late ’70s and early ’80s than Rik […]

Dad’s Army

Bill Nighy and Toby Jones To Remake ‘Dad’s Army’

Around 18 months ago, we had a story about a mooted remake of the classic British sitcom Dad’s Army, in which a bunch of over-the-hill volunteers in the British home guard attempt to defend the shores of southern England from German invasion during the Second World War. The show is considered part of the national consciousness […]


10 British Stand-Up Comics Whom Americans Should Know

Let’s not treat this thing like a test. If you already know all ten of these British mirthmakers (as a companion to the recent Mind The Gap post about American stand-ups) you don’t get a pat on the head or a special badge, although you will develop a warm internal glow, so that’s nice. For […]


10 American Comedians Whom British People Will Love

Prepare to burn your Michael McIntyre DVDs, expats, and replace them with the complete works of these astonishing, all-American jesters. (See also: 10 British comedians who Americans should know.) Louis CK If you haven’t discovered and fallen in comedic love with this portly, balding red head, then, frankly, where have you been, and what’s wrong […]

What the Helliphan

Ministry of Laughs Caption Contest: What the Hell-ephant Edition

UPDATED 6/24, 11:21 AM ET: submissions for this week’s contest are now closed, but you may vote for the winner now. To celebrate Ministry of Laughs, the new two-hour comedy block coming to BBC America starting this Saturday, June 18th at 10pm/9c, we are launching a new caption contest.  And here it is: see the […]