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Articles Tagged 'Clown'

Clown Shoes

WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Shoes in on ‘Downton Abbey’

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was thinking big when she decided recently to have a little fun at the expense of Downton Abbey. Big as in big clown shoes. The video wizards on her staff touched up clips from the hit British TV series so that it appears as if all the characters are wearing over-sized, brightly colored, […]

Clown with Balloons

A Mystery Clown Has Appeared in Northampton, England

A man dressed up like a clown, appeared in Northampton, England, at the end of last week on Friday the 13th, offering to help out with DIY projects like painting a resident’s windowsills, reports The Independent. Since then he’s been popping up in the evening and even on Facebook. While some people might think, “Oh, […]