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100 Grand

A Brit’s Opinion: American Chocolate

It’s a cliché that Brits have notoriously bad teeth, and whether that’s true or not (thank you Austin Powers!) it is true to say that they’re renowned for their very sweet teeth. That love for chocolate is always borne out by the figures; the average Brit eats around 10kg of chocolate per year, with Europe […]

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Cadbury Invents Unmeltable Chocolate

Well now, here’s a thing I bet no one ever thought they needed. A bar of chocolate that, no matter how hot they may be, will not melt in your hands. Cadbury, the confectionary giant behind such delights as the Whole Nut bar, the Fruit and Nut, and the Dairy Milk, have announced a new […]

Brit Scientists Invent A Chocolate Printer

3D printers are already a fairly well established fact in manufacturing industries. An image is sent to the printer, sliced into horizontal layers, which are then replicated in the material of your choice, one layer at a time, without the need to make dies for casting. This helps with the development of new designs and […]