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Articles Tagged 'Children'


10 Classic Schoolyard Games: Americans vs. Brits

British and American kids spend their lunch breaks playing a lot of the same schoolyard games: everything from hopscotch and Blind Man’s Buff to jump rope, better known as skipping in the U.K. But some playground pursuits never crossed the Atlantic. Here’s our guide to some uniquely British and American break-time games. Note that rules, […]


WATCH: British Dad’s “Terrible” Gifts Backfire in a Good Way

Tim Cocker, a British presenter from Manchester, England, attempted to a pull a fast one on his young children, wrapping up a banana and an onion as early Christmas presents. He felt like the Christmas gift giving might be overindulgent, and possibly under appreciated. But it turns out he was the one who was surprised, […]


British Expat Parenting: The Trial of Having American Kids

Like many Brits in the U.S., I have children who, while being dual citizens and very comfortable in the U.K., are essentially American. (My use of “trial” above is a bit tongue-in-cheek.) With that comes the eye-rolling, giggling and general mickey-taking about some of my British habits and sayings, showing a complete disregard for the […]