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Articles Tagged 'Cheddar'

British Cheeses

A Brief Guide to British Cheeses

Before we start, we should mention the scale of the undertaking. There are over 700 different cheeses made in the U.K. which is a lot of ground to cover. And the recipes vary from ancient and traditional to brand new and unorthodox. You’ve seen the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch? Talking about British cheese is […]

Do Not Watch: British National Cheese Anthem Announced!

You may remember a while ago we reported on the promotional competition genuine search by the British Cheese Board to find a national anthem for British cheeses. Actually, you may not, of all the sentences to stick in the mind, that one is among the least likely, so here’s a link. Got it? Right, well […]

The Search Is On For The National Anthem Of Cheddar

It’s official: we Brits have got WAY too much time on our hands. A new competition has been launched, in support of British cheese (which is, to be fair, among the best of all cheeses), in which people are invited to create an alternate lyric for the songs “God Save The Queen” (or, as you […]