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Bruce Springsteen In Concert – New York, New York

Driving Playlist: 13 Songs to Rev You Up

There’s a reason that carmakers emphasize audio systems so much in their sales pitches: car music is an important soundtrack in many people’s lives. Similarly, songs about cars are more than just tunes to drive to—they’re about hopes and dreams, with roads as metaphors for where people have come from and where they’re going. Car […]

David Bowie

Happy Birthday, David Bowie: Six Lost Gems

David Bowie is 67 today, which is all the excuse anyone needs to celebrate his astonishing career of twists and turns, of eternally wondrous hits you hear every day, and miraculous (space) oddities that you don’t. So, because we all already know all the chapter headings and marked paragraphs in the great man’s great manuscript, […]

The Great British Songbook #1: “London Calling”

We do hear an awful lot about The Great American Songbook these days, don’t we? And not just from Great Americans either. What with Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams and Paul McCartney making midnight raids on the song pantry of the jazz era, and the fresh re-evaluations that keep popping up from the likes of Jamie […]

Five Great British Songs Re-imagined By American Artists

Willie Nelson, no shrinking violet in the songwriting stakes himself, has lent his distinctively weathered vocal tones to a cover version of the Coldplay song “The Scientist,” which has been used as the soundtrack to a campaigning animation about sustainable farming. The film, made by the Irish animator Johnny Kelly, was commissioned by Chipotle, to […]