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WATCH: Olivia Colman and David Tennant Play Chilli Jam Roulette

Recent events have led some commentators to suggest there is a rift in the U.K. right now, but a video released yesterday (October 19) confirms the big dividing line on the British Isles remains, and always will be, scones. You know, scones. The round cakes similar to what Americans call “biscuits,” except they’re sweet, they’re bigger, and […]


WATCH: ‘Broadchurch’ Season Two Premiere is Streaming on

Did you miss the second season premiere of Broadchurch? Did your DVR implode? The first episode of the new season is streaming for free on Watch it here. See more: Introducing ‘Broadchurch’ Season Two’s New Cast Members WATCH: David Tennant’s Alec Hardy Reveals Why He Came to Broadchurch 5 Moments That Made ‘Broadchurch’ Season […]

Introducing ‘Broadchurch’ Season Two’s New Cast Members

The wait is over. David Tennant and Olivia Colman make their return to Broadchurch in the season two premiere on BBC AMERICA tonight (March 4) at 10/9c. The townspeople of Broadchurch, a typically quiet English coastal town, reunite for the trial of the accused murderer of a young boy, which played out in season one. In addition to familiar faces like […]

Two judges getting their wigs right before the Annual Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey, which starts the legal year. (Pic: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

5 Things That Are Different About British Courts

The second season of Broadchurch is almost upon us (Wednesday March 4, at 10/9c on BBC AMERICA), and without revealing too much about what happens, there will be scenes that take place inside a British court room. So it seems like decent moment to explain a few key differences between the criminal courts in the […]


ITV Confirms Season Three of ‘Broadchurch’

We haven’t quite started the second season of Broadchurch yet—which is due on BBC America on March 4—but there’s good news from ITV’s press office about the prospects of a third. (Note: don’t worry, there’ll be no spoilers here, but the original article may best be saved until Season Two has been and gone) In […]

David Tennant (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

WATCH: David Tennant Honored by His Dad at the National TV Awards

Last night’s annual National Television Awards was especially noteworthy for one very lovely moment indeed: when David Tennant, who seemed utterly suprised to be winning a Special Achievement prize, was faced with not only a performance by the Proclaimers (his favorite band), but a clip of his own father telling the world how kind he […]

David Tennant (Pic: Absolute Radio)

WATCH: David Tennant Narrates the ‘Broadchurch’ Theme

Monday morning blues? Monday morning JANUARY blues? This should sort that right out. Remember that astonishing clip of Arthur Darvill singing “Let It Go” from Frozen with new words that addressed his life as a post-Doctor Who star? Well, it seems there are fresh delights to be had from this idea, and you don’t even […]

Gracepoint, Second Try

David Tennant Wins People’s Choice Award for ‘Gracepoint’

The story so far: Broadchurch is a hugely successful and gripping drama set in a small community on the south coast of England, and starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman. It caused such a stir that an American version was made—Gracepoint—also starring David Tennant, which retold the same basic story, but changing the ending. Gracepoint […]

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