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Articles Tagged 'British Children in America'


7 Ways to Make Your American Kids Feel British

British expats, if you had babies here, I hate to break it to you: They’re Americans. Nevertheless, they’re also British by descent. Having two passports, however, doesn’t alter the fact that your burgeoning offspring might seem a little like aliens—albeit adorable ones—as they grow into syllable-slurring, corn dog-chomping yanks. There’s not much you can do […]

Back to School Shopping

Back-To-School Shopping in America: A British Parent’s Survival Guide

It’s back-to-school time in the U.S. The stores are full of discounts, the aisles full of pens, pencils and erasers (pronounced with a soft “s” by the way, and not a “z”). Fortunately, many American kids don’t have to wear a school uniform, so there’s no second mortgage for a new blazer or worse, finding […]