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Articles Tagged 'BoyleWatch'

Susan Boyle Was Set Up To Fail

Had she won Britain’s Got Talent, her story wouldn’t be half as compelling, right? Susan Boyle just upped her diva cred exponentially by having to be stashed away in a mental clinic. Her great comeback story writes itself. That’s the cynical, heartless way of looking at her recent troubles. Right now, I just see a […]

BoyleWatch: Does Britain Really Have Talent?

Susan Boyle shouldn’t be too scared right now. Her competition continues to be small potatoes as auditions finally begin to wind up. This weekend’s big star was Aiden Davis, a pint-sized British version of So You Think Can Dance? contestant Gev Manoukian. Except for the fact that you could put Aiden Davis on any street […]

BoyleWatch: Weak Competition on Britain’s Got Talent

This past weekend was the fifth round of auditions for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent: so how’re Susan Boyle‘s odds at winning the title coming along? Pretty good from my standpoint. Perhaps this weekend’s biggest threat to the Boyle Supremacy is Greg Pritchard, a hotel waiter who looks like Pete Wentz but sounds like Tiny […]

BoyleWatch: Paul Potts Sticks Up For Susan

Somebody’s got to stick up for Susan Boyle. The British tabloids are being unbelievably cruel to her, and Simon Cowell is even taking pops at her. So it’s refreshing that the winner of the first season of Britain’s Got Talent, opera singer Paul Potts (watch him perform), is defending Susan Boyle’s makeover: “I think she […]