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Articles Tagged 'Blake's 7'

Picard the Borg

10 Sci-Fi Franchises Influenced by ‘Doctor Who’

Let’s be fair, all science fiction is drawn from a small pot of ideas, most often based around where science fact (and cultural reality) has got to when the ideas are first minted. And the more science fiction there is, the fewer new ideas there are, and the higher the chances that some of them will […]

Blake’s 7

‘Blake’s 7’ Is Coming Back!

This news is either going to mean everything, or nothing at all, so bear with me. FreemantleMedia International has announced that they’ve been working up a new version of the ’70s BBC science fiction drama Blake’s 7, with scripts by Joe Pokaski (Heroes, CSI), and Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) set to direct. The 13-part series […]