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The Doctor and Rose (Photo:BBC)

‘Doctor Who': 10 Things You May Not Know About ‘Rose’

“Rose” is the story that kickstarted the modern era for Doctor Who. It’s the story that connected the classic series with a new audience, set up a new concept that explained the Doctor’s absence within his own reality—namely the Time War—and set a tone that can still be clearly heard within the most recent episodes, […]

The Magician’s Apprentice (Photo: BBC)

11 ‘Doctor Who’ Stars Showing Off Musical Talent

Over the weekend, among many startling things in the season premiere of Doctor Who, the Doctor brought a tank and an electric guitar to an axe-fight in a 12th century arena. It’s not the first time this particular Time Lord has displayed an interest in musical performance. The Second Doctor had his recorder, the Tenth […]

An African grey parrot in the Fourth Doctor’s scarf (Pic: Ronaldo Schemidt/Getty Images)

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Gallifreyan Parrot

Welcome to the Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a cornucopia of chronological collections and a sweeping up of dusty old bits and bobs from the corners of the TARDIS that haven’t been cleaned in the last week. And we begin with something that is both odd and rather brilliant. Eva Lahalle owns an African grey parrot, […]

Billie Piper and Karen Gillan at Fan Expo Dallas (Pic: YouTube)

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Billie and Karen Invade Dallas

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a trawl through a week of internet happenings related to the travels of a certain Gallifreyan and his various friends. This week, we begin our travels in Dallas, where Billie Piper and Karen Gillan have been meeting with fans for a Q&A at Fan Expo Dallas. There was a key […]


‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Shakespeare Code

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a cornucopia of Gallifreyan gubbins and Time Lord things. And this week’s roundup commences with the exciting news that the face of William Shakespeare as Whovians know it—the one seen in “The Shakespeare Code” when the Bard of Avon met the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones—has been proven to be […]

Matt Smith, Alex Kingston and David Tennant (Pics: CelebConn)

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: It’s A Fan-Off!

Welcome to Doctor Who’s Day, a roundup of Gallifreyan things that have happened across the known universe over the past seven days. And we start this week with news of a weekend rivalry that spanned two hemispheres of a planet called Earth. It’s already been well established that Doctor Who actors have a lot of […]

Billie Piper, Pierce Brosnan and Emilia Fox

9 Surprising Family Ties of British Celebrities (and an Urban Myth)

We already know about Benedict Cumberbatch being distantly related to most of the genuine people he plays (Alan Turing and Richard III in particular), and anyone that hasn’t spotted a distinct family resemblance between Joan Collins the actress and Jackie Collins the writer (clue: they both have their father’s surname) isn’t really paying attention. But here are […]

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in ‘Doctor Who’ (Pic: BBC)

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Happy Birthday, New ‘Who’!

Thursday (March 26) was the proper 10th birthday of the reborn Doctor Who, and, to mark the occasion, the Doctor Who Experience played host to a very special guest indeed. The actual Doctor. Warning: this clip contains many emotions: • And the Doctor got his new friends to sing him a happy birthday: • We […]

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