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Articles Tagged 'Ben Chaplin'

Apple Tree Yard

5 Shows to Watch if You’re Jonesing for ‘Apple Tree Yard’

Here at Anglophenia, we’re currently craving a look at the new BBC drama, Apple Tree Yard. The teaser trailers are filled with so much intrigue and mystery, with Emily Watson (Dr. Yvonne Carmichael) to Ben Chaplin, who plays her lover, Mark. Waitaminute, have we gotten ahead of ourselves? Are you thinking to yourself, “Erm, what the bleep is Apple Tree Yard?” It’s […]

The Wipers Times

Michael Palin And The Story of ‘The Wipers Times’

File this away for later, but it’s just been announced that Monty Python’s Michael Palin is set to star in a BBC drama about a relatively unknown aspect of the First World War – a satirical newsletter, created in the trenches of Ypres. The Wipers Times is named after that newsletter, created when the 12th […]


WATCH: Creator of ‘Skins’ Premieres ‘Dates’ Tonight

There seems to be two schools of thought on dating with one being, “Yay, I get to meet someone new and do something fun I might not do on my own!” And, the other, and possibly more common, is, “This will be pure torture.” Skins creator Bryan Elsley embraces the universal experience of dating and […]