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10 Great Queens and Princesses of TV and Films

We’ve all heard little girls talk about wanting to be a princess and maybe even aspiring to be queen. Who can blame them? In fairytales, royal women get to live in posh castles, wear lavish clothes, and have ladies-in-waiting at their beck and call. But as we’ve learned from watching queens and princesses on screen, it doesn’t […]

The Underwater Menace (Pic: BBC)

When ‘Doctor Who’ Went to Atlantis

With the return of Atlantis to BBC AMERICA this Saturday (June 27) it’s a good moment to examine how another TV show made by people with extremely healthy imaginations—Doctor Who—viewed life on the mythical island, claimed to have been lost beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. So far the TARDIS has paid two visits […]


‘Atlantis’ Cast: Where Else Can You See Them?

We’re gearing up for the return of the BBC AMERICA series Atlantis, premiering on Saturday, June 27 at 9/8c. A year has passed in the troubled city, and the people of Atlantis are dealing with the aftermath of King Minos’ (Alexander Siddig) death and Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) becoming Queen. Luckily for Jason (Jack Donnelly), he and his friends are a […]