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WATCH: New ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ Trailer

The First Look for Alice Through the Looking Glass was just that, a quick look at Alice. We got a glimpse of Alice walking through a door and taking a long tumble through the air, but of course it left us wanting more. Disney released a feature trailer during last night’s (February 15) Grammy Awards […]

Skyfall team win at the BAFTAs

James Bond And The Argonauts: The 2013 BAFTAs

I’m pretty sure if a well-known British actor had tried his hand at directing, delivered a well-liked and unthodox thriller, starring himself, then taken it to an awards ceremony in America and walked off with two of the largest awards of the night, we’d be throwing around words like “invasion” and “landslide,” so in the […]

Anne Hathaway

Gallery: The BAFTA Film Awards Red Carpet – Frocks And Fellas

Two important things you need to bear in mind about this year’s BAFTA Film Awards before looking over this sample of celebrity arrivals: 1) it was HOWLING it down with rain in London tonight and 2) Simon Pegg looks like he could do with five more minutes, just to arrive properly. Helen Mirren has no […]

Royal Roundup: Kate and William Go to ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’

The Inbetweeners Movie broke the record for the biggest opening weekend of any British-made comedy – and the edgy TV spin-off seemed to be a hit with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well. Kate and Wills were spotted last week at their local movie theater in Anglesey, where they were apparently let in […]

WATCH: ‘One Day’ Screenwriter Defends Casting of Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been taking a lot of flak for what many think is her less-than-convincing Yorkshire accent in One Day. Adding to those complaints are fans of the novel who continue to ask why an American was cast in this very British role in the first place. The film’s London-based screenwriter David Nicholls, who […]

Will ‘One Day’ Finally Make Jim Sturgess a Movie Star?

British actor Jim Sturgess, 33, is one of the most talented actors of his generation, but, so far, big time movie stardom has eluded him. Now he’s co-starring opposite Anne Hathaway in the British romantic drama One Day, and it’s a role that could finally bring him some high profile success. (Watch interview with Ms. […]

Royal Roundup: An Angry Sarah Ferguson Storms Out of Interview

Sarah Ferguson got up and left in the middle of an interview with an Australian news program, apparently feeling that she’d been sandbagged when she was shown footage of the cash-for-access sting that the News of the World perpetrated on her last year. The Duchess’s Australian manager told the Sydney Daily Telegraph: “She did walk […]

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