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An Adventure in Space and Time

WATCH: The ‘An Adventure In Space And Time’ Trailer

In all the fuss and glee over “The Night of the Doctor” yesterday, this little gem managed to sneak out relatively un-celebrated, and that will never do. It’s the BBC Two trailer for Mark Gatiss’s An Adventure In Space And Time, in which we finally get to see David Bradley as William Hartnell, and Jessica […]

William Hartnell and Carole Ann Ford as the Doctor and Susan

10 People Responsible For ‘Doctor Who’s Creation

For a TV show that has lasted for 50 years and has changed so much in that time, it’s remarkable to note just how many of the key elements of Doctor Who were in place from the very beginning. Once past the whooshy opening credits and startling theme tune, there’s a mercurial old man piloting […]


San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Day Two Gallery

Is it possible to top the innovative TARDIS cosplay and Sherlockian grandeur of Day One? Friday (July 19) at Comic-Con was a touch quirkier and more madcap, Orphan Black rocked the house with a news-making panel and David Bradley and Mark Gatiss stopped by BBC AMERICA’s booth to provide a few nerdgasmic moments during a […]

An Adventure in Space and Time

First Official Image Of ‘The First Doctor’ Is Released

So here it is, the first official pic of David Bradley as William Hartnell in full Doctor costume for the Mark Gatiss biodrama, An Adventure In Space And Time. And mighty fine he looks too. Speaking about David’s take on an iconic screen role, Mark said, in a press release: “David Bradley brings every ounce […]

TARDIS console

The First TARDIS, Recreated

For fans who grew up with Doctor Who, there is a primal charge to seeing a image like this: that hexagonal console set against the wall of circles, only in full color and positively glowing with now – a relic from the forward-looking past and a portal back into what, in 1963, felt very much […]

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