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Karen GIllan

The Pond Effect: ‘Amelia’ Is Britain’s Top Baby Name (For Girls)

The temptation to present the following information as a chart rundown is almost overwhelming. However, calmer heads must prevail, especially as my references are all Alan “Fluff” Freeman and yours are more Casey Casem. So, here’s the thing. British and American families have broadly similar tastes when it comes to naming their children, with a […]

Five Great Karen Gillan Performances On ‘Doctor Who’

The temptation, in this roundup of glorious moments from Karen Gillan’s stint as Amy Pond, is to just throw in the best one-liner moments, the bits where she gets to show off her petulant side or act up a bit, with a couple of the tear-jerkiest bits and that’s it job done. And in truth, […]


‘Doctor Who’: Five Great Amy Pond Style Moments

All good things must come to an end and this Saturday we will bid farewell to Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy Pond and Rory Williams in their final Doctor Who episode, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” We here at Anglophenia would like to pay tribute to our beloved Ponds by highlighting some of their […]

Doctor Who : S6 : Ep1 : The Impossible Astronaut

A Companion to the Doctor’s Companions: Amy Pond

Amy Pond has been waiting for the Doctor practically all of her life. Not in the sense of other companions, who had been waiting for someone like the Doctor, either somehow hemmed in by what the world has to offer, or just getting on with their lives, without an inkling that a chance meeting with […]

Tissues At The Ready, Amy’s Gonna Break Your Heart

The second half of the new Doctor Who season will soon be upon us, and we’re promised the answers to a lot of the questions posed by the end of the first season. Questions like; where’s the Doctor gone? Won’t River Song and Amy’s newly discovered relationship make things a bit awkward? Who’s gonna raise […]