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Articles Tagged 'American holidays'


5 British Christmas Words and Phrases Not Widely Used in the U.S.

As if getting to grips with a multitude of new Christmas customs wasn’t already a challenge for Brits in America, the language of Christmas is equally complex. Indeed, when I first moved to the United States in the winter of 2008, I became almost immediately the source of light-hearted ridicule for wording my festive greetings […]


13 Hacks for the Perfect American Halloween

Want to go all-out this year and show your U.S. friends that British expats know how to have spooky fun? Throw a Halloween party complete with terrifying decorations and food ‘n’ drink that’ll give your guests chills. Here are 13 scarily simple tricks and treats. Spider ice cubes Purchase some cheap plastic spiders. Insert one […]


Christmas Traditions: Britain vs. America

As with many cultural differences between the U.K. and the United States, you’d be forgiven for believing that Christmas is the same on either side of the Pond. After all, Christmas is Christmas, right? Well, while the overall message of Yuletide is largely the same in both countries, there are some subtle, if crucial, variations. […]


How to Appreciate an All-American Halloween

Halloween in the U.K. is a scary affair, and not because of all the ghosts, witches and ghouls. Sensible folk hunker down in their homes with the lights off, hoping to avoid confrontations with the gangs of aggressive teens that knock on doors in unimaginative fancy dress demanding sweets or money. Authentic trick or treaters […]


10 Ways for Brits to Integrate Into America More Quickly

Get down with the lingo, befriend some locals and read a paper: these are just some of the tricks that will help ease your U.S. assimilation. 1. Learn how baseball and “football” work Being able to hold your own in conversations about the sports Americans hold dear will make you feel like less of an […]