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Articles Tagged 'Amazing Animal Encounters'

Feisty Rabbit

WATCH: Rabbit Winds Up Van Full of Scotsmen

Three Scotsmen found themselves on a dark road and just could not get around a feisty roadrunner, according to The Poke. The gents’ accents are so thick to us, and the conversation is muffled with a lot of giggling, but some lines clearly stand out like, “He doesn’t want us to get by him,” “He’s […]

Harriet and Skunk

8-Year-Old Kent Girl Befriends a Skunk

Harriet Cooper, 8, of Kent, England, has become friends with an unlikely candidate … a skunk. Harriet’s parents, Maria and Ian, run a petting zoo, Amazing Animal Encounters, that tours local schools and added Humbug, the skunk, to their caboodle of animals, reports Yahoo!’s Broken News Daily. The couple soon realized Humbug was quite a handful as […]