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WATCH: The ‘Sherlock’ Cast Get Behind the Wales Soccer Team

Europe is currently in the grip of football fever as the Euro 2016 soccer tournament comes to a close, and last night (July 6) Wales played Portugal in the first semi-final. So?, we hear you cry. Why should I care? Well, firstly Wales doesn’t often get that far. The last time the tournament took place was in 2012, and […]

Mark Gatiss announces Season Four of Sherlock

It’s Official: ‘Sherlock’ Season Four Has Started Filming

Suspense is second nature to the makers of Sherlock, so it’s no surprise they’ve been keeping us in the dark about the new season. Just last week Mark Gatiss teased us with a photo of a familiar prop on Sherlock’s mantelpiece (surely that means they’re on set right now, surely?), and then Amanda Abbington was at it, tweeting a corner of […]


Amanda Abbington Embraces Twitter, Martin Freeman Not So Much

We just recently tweeted that Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington likes to talk shop, and we like it when she does, in response to her giving us a little hint about the Victorian Sherlock special. And she likes to tweet. Her Twitter handle @ChimpInSocks shows off her playful personality. She may use the social media platform to […]


Amanda Abbington on ‘Sherlock’ Christmas Special

Amanda Abbington, who co-stars in Sherlock as Mary Morstan, is excited for the upcoming special, airing on December 25. She didn’t say a lot, no spoilers here, but she said enough, telling Radio Times, “It’s not what you think.” Hmm, what do we think it is? We learned over the summer that it’s a one-off […]

Some of the stars of #15SecondShakespeare (All photos: Twitter)

British Actors Recite Pop Lyrics for #15SecondShakespeare

It is tempting to assume that this sort of thing is how actors pass the time fairly frequently, but over the last week a growing number of thespians have taken to filming themselves reciting a fragment of a pop lyric as if taken from a tense moment in a Shakespeare play. It began, like any […]


Amanda Abbington Tweets ‘Sherlock’ Excitement

British actress Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr. Selfridge) has already shown signs of being “just like us” moments, with admissions of guilty pleasures like watching American TV’s Real Housewives series, and now she joins in with Sherlock fans to tweet her excitement over the forthcoming return of season four. A new Sherlock promo turned up on […]

Amanda Abbington, Angela Lansbury and Mark Gatiss (Pic: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

LOOK: It’s ‘Murder, She Wrote’ Meets ‘Sherlock’ He Writes

This is a fantastic picture, is it not? Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss flanking the great Angela Lansbury at last night’s (April 11) Olivier Awards. Angela was there to accept the award for best actress in a supporting role, given for her portrayal of the medium Madame Arcati in the Gielgud Theatre’s production of Blithe […]

Arrivals – “Monty Python Live (Mostly)”

Martin Freeman ‘Despairs’ Over Partner Amanda Abbington’s Telly Watching

If you’re a regular viewer of the Real Housewives series, you know how difficult it can be to watch with a non-fan in the room … due to all the groaning in the background. British actress Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr. Selfridge) discusses her weakness for American reality TV with What’s on TV, saying, “I’m a huge guilty pleasures freak […]

Arqiva British Academy Television Awards

Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington’s Daughter’s Career Goal

Famous parents sometimes dissuade their children from following in their footsteps, or, throw their hands up in the air, saying, “Whatever makes you happy.” Sherlock’s Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington’s young daughter Grace has her sights set on following in her mum’s footsteps, and aspires to grow up to be … Mary Watson. Not just […]

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