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WATCH: Adele’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

James Corden’s late night segment Carpool Karaoke never gets old. And how could it when he has amazing guests like the one and only Adele. Corden hops on the phone and playfully says, “Hello? It’s me,” referencing the Grammy Award-winning singer’s song simply called “Hello.” And next thing we know Adele jumps in the car. […]


WATCH: Adele Announces European Tour with a Magic Wand

Some pop and rock stars would not get away with the level of presentation ineptitude displayed in this video clip, but it does help when your comeback album is breaking records for first week sales, and you’re known to be something of a live wire. That’ll get you a long way. So here’s Adele larking […]


WATCH: Adele, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots Play ‘Hello’

By now, we’ve heard Adele’s “Hello” remixed, remade, and memed so many different ways that we know every nook and cranny of that poignant melody. But we’ve never heard it quite like this. Adele appeared on Monday night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performing and playing games like “Box of Lies.” But an extra segment […]


FAQ: So What’s Adele’s ’25’ Like?

No one needs a slavering report describing every bang and swoop of Adele’s third album from the perspective of a first listen. The record is available in shops and ready to download as of today (although it is not on streaming services yet), it would take just as long to click on the buy button […]


WATCH: Adele Debuts Second New Song From ’25’

This Friday (November 20) will see the release of Adele’s third album 25. It’s by some distance the most heavily anticipated musical event of the year, and thanks largely to these unprecedented levels of interest, her press campaign has been dignified and discreet. A TV ad here, a video for first single “Hello” there, and […]


Sir David Attenborough Puts Spin on Adele Song

We would love to say British naturalist Sir David Attenborough and singer Adele have collaborated on a song, but it isn’t quite like that. Attenborough has lent his trademark voice to Adele’s “Hello” video, narrating the singer’s movements as she makes her way through strong wind, struggling to make a phone call. Attenborough recently visited […]


Adele: ‘I Wish I Hadn’t Seen’ Amy Winehouse Documentary

After the release of her new single “Hello,” Adele has done her first interview in three years, this time with British magazine i-D. It’s a refreshingly candid look at the artist and mom, with some details about her third album 25, which will drop November 20. The Q&A is well worth a read. Adele has […]

Adele (Photo: XL Recordings)

WATCH: Adele Welcomes the World Back with ‘Hello’

After the cryptic TV commercials and the tweeted mission statement and the general air of expectation around her latest release, the new Adele single “Hello” is out in the wild, available to listen to and running free. It’s here: Nice to hear the old Adkins pipes being given a workout again, isn’t it? And it […]


Adele Tweets Her New Album’s Mission Statement

After surprising TV audiences with the text-only commercial for her new album 25, Adele has just taken to Twitter with what amounts to a mission statement about why it has taken a while to make, what mental state she entered upon making it, and what lyrical themes we can expect when it comes out in […]


Adele Reveals Surprise Album Teaser

We all knew Adele was working on her third album and that it was due out quite soon, but as yet release dates, musical snippets and further details have been conspicuous by their absence. Or rather they had been… During a commercial break in the British edition of The X Factor, a 30-second commercial appeared, […]

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