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Articles Tagged '10 British Things in Your U.S. City'


10 British Things About Tulsa, OK

In the early 19th century, members of the Lochapoka and Creek tribes named their newfound territory Tallasi, which means “old creek.” The name later changed to Tulsa when Mayor Colonel Edward E. Calkins took over the area in 1898. Tulsa may not have British roots, but it sure has British heart, just take a look […]


10 British Things About Spokane, WA

First home to the hunter-gatherer Spokane Tribe approximately eight to 12,000 years ago, and then to tradesmen of Canada’s Northwest Fur Company, 211,000 people of all nationalities have settled in Spokane, Washington. Spokane may not have the historic ties to London Town like other U.S. cities but, from ’60s bands to Doctor Who meetup groups, it has […]

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10 British Things About Burlington, Vermont

Two of Burlington, Vermont’s most famous exports include the internationally recognized band Phish and the beloved Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (both highly addictive to some). The laid-back, walkable city is set up for strolling and enjoying the outdoors. In terms of its imports, Burlington is oozing Britishness with many of its local offerings, as […]