Literary Guide: Failed Monster Mashups

We’re gearing up for Halloween (October 31) with the premiere of our latest Anglophenia episode: “Failed Literary Monster Mashups.

Ricky Gervais is Bringing David Brent to YouTube

The audacious and inappropriate boss David Brent of The Office will be making his return in a YouTube series starring show creator Ricky Gervais, reports

WATCH: Maggie Smith’s Best One-Liners on ‘Downton Abbey’


Are you jonesing for a mid-week Downton Abbey fix while waiting for this Sunday night’s installment of the penultimate Season Two episode of the hit British series on PBS? (Feb. 12, 9 p.m. ET.)

Classic Doctor Who Channel Live On YouTube

Super-fantastic news for Whovians: BBC Worldwide has launched a Classic Doctor Who channel today (January 4). And when they mean “Classic” Doctor Who, they are referring to the series before Russell T Davies‘ reboot …

Some Anglo Scoto For Your Ear: Idlewild’s “Roseability”

The Edinburgh-based Idlewild is one of my favorite bands, and 100 Broken Windows is my favorite album of theirs. Each song is fantastic – like the best bits of The Cure and R.