A Half-Century After the Beatles, Is Another British Invasion Underway?

Is this all some sort of post-colonial payback? Has a gang of rogue Brits suddenly descended upon Hollywood and replaced our American-born gods with UK ones?

Report: Simon Cowell Fighting to Get Cheryl Cole on U.S. ‘X Factor’

In recent months, the press has been promoting Cheryl Cole‘s gig on the U.S. X Factor as if it was a done deal.

Look Ahead at 2011: UK TV Series Receiving American Makeovers

Those bigwigs in Hollywood love their British telly. In a feverish race to provide fresh content to hungry American viewers, producers, writers, and executives maintain a watchful eye on the shows that are catching fire across the pond, …

The Top 5 Hair-Raising Hairdos of 2010

The topic of hair always seems to get people talking. This year, some Britain’s biggest stars put some of their tresses to the test as paparazzi photographers anxiously awaited to capture a refreshed (or dreadful) new look.

Lee DeWyze, Er, Matt Cardle Wins UK ‘X Factor’

The latest winner of Simon Cowell‘s UK talent show X Factor is Matt Cardle, a 27-year-old “former painter and decorator” from Essex who sings folk-tinged alt-rock. No, you probably won’t have to worry about …

Simon Cowell Slams Paul Weller Over ‘X Factor’ Criticism

Simon Cowell has slammed former Jam frontman Paul Weller for calling TV talent programs like Cowell’s X Factor as “very cheap programming and the lowest common denominator stuff,” NME reports.

The 5 Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

BBC America viewers voted, and these are the most annoying songs from British acts in 2010. Anglophenia contributor Fraser McAlpine gives his take on these torturous tunes.

Cheryl Cole Coming to U.S. ‘X Factor’

It looks like Cheryl Cole might be spending a little more time in the U.S. come next year.

POLL: The Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

A few months ago, we listed some of the worst British songs of all-time, but 2010 has offered up some worthy contenders to that dubious crown. Today, we present what we think are this year’s best examples of Anglo aural awfulness, …

Cheryl Cole Takes a Pie in the Face Amid ‘X Factor’ Flack

Cheryl Cole was recently lobbed in the face with custard pie, but it was all for a good cause, the BBC reports.