What Are Brits Watching?

What Are Brits Watching: ‘New Tricks’

These old dogs can teach us new tricks.

What’s on: New Tricks What is it: This police detective show launched in 2003 as a one-off episode and based on its success, the BBC commissioned a 6-part series. Now, in its tenth season, it doesn’t look to be slowing down.

What Are Brits Watching: ‘First Dates’

Channel 4 is helping single people sort through the masses.

What’s on: First Dates What is it: Every Saturday, for six weeks this summer, Paternoster Chop House will close its doors to the public. It’s not closing completely though: it will be filled with hopeful singles on first …

What Are Brits Watching: ‘Airport Live’

This real-time series reveals the untold story of how Heathrow Airport is run.

What’s on: Airport Live   What is it: The four-night long special gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the busiest airports in the world at London’s Heathrow. The live broadcast also features pre-recorded reports and …

What Are Brits Watching: ‘Horizon’

Horizon examines The Secret Life of the Cat.

What’s on: Horizon What is it: With 49 seasons and over 1,100 episodes produced, this long running documentary TV show has explored countless scientific topics and their effects. The latest episode topped the ratings, landing in the …

What Are Brits Watching?: ‘The Returned’

Channel 4 has imported this 8-part zombie thriller series from France.

What’s on: The Returned What is it: This is a zombie show with a twist (and subtitles). The dead rise from the grave but they look and feel the same as they did before passing away.

What Are Brits Watching: ‘Skint’

Channel 4’s Skint examines the broke life.

What’s on: Skint What is it: This four-part observational documentary series tells the stories of individuals and families who are surviving without working due to long-term unemployment or have never worked at all. Some of the …

What Are Brits Watching: ‘The Voice UK’

The Voice UK is currently #1 on BBC1.

What’s on: The Voice UK   What is it: Okay, we’re pretty sure most people are familiar with NBC’s The Voice but just in case … it’s a singing competition reality show. The format consists of: 1) Producer Auditions; 2) Blind …