Who Were the British Versions of Your Favorite Boybands?

There’s no love as profound or as abiding as a first love. This is the secret fuel that keeps the engine of pop music ticking along, and it is not to be derided.

News Roundup: The Beckhams’ Golden Tribute to Harper, Pete Doherty and Carla Bruni Pal Up, and Helen ‘Body of the Year’ Mirren

Y’know that family who’ve just had a new baby and they’re so smitten they can’t stop recording every aspect of their child’s growth? And changing their Facebook profile picture to a picture of the baby?

WATCH: Jedward Performing For President Obama

Being a visiting dignitary in a foreign country must be a baffling experience, especially when you are subjected treated to a showcase performance of the best talent that country can muster. You probably have to develop the best poker …

Early Front-Runners For Song of the Year: Taio Cruz, Alphabeat, Westlife???

Now we’re talking. Duffy (four weeks at No. 1), H Two O, and Nickelback continue their chokehold on the top three spots on this week’s chart, but two phenomenal songs have entered the top 10 this week.

Westlife vs. The Spice Girls: Is There Really a Choice?

Westlife have always been appalling – and not even in that fun, guilty pleasure way. They make earnest ’90s crooners like All 4 One sound veritably punk.