Viral Videos

WATCH: The Vinnie Jones Hands-On School of CPR

There are two ways to teach people CPR. One is to wait until they are interested in learning, and then offer them the facts in a kindly, friendly and hopeful fashion.

The Greatest British Viral Videos Of 2011

We all know how this game works, as soon as we’ve nailed down the top five British viral videos of 2011, another one will come along, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, and blow them all out of the water. So, let’s just say this …

WATCH: Train Trouble, Britain vs. America

A video of a passenger violently ejecting an alleged fare dodger and student from a Scottish train has become a viral phenomenon and a major controversy in the UK. Police are reportedly investigating Alan Pollock, the 35-year-old man …

British Viral Videos: The Snoring Dormouse and ‘BENTON!’

It’s not often the Brits get to claim a viral sensation in the video world. We didn’t invent the Mentos bottle rocket, and keyboard cat is clearly too funky for our hemmed-in, starchy national persona.

1 Million YouTube Views and Counting: UK Host Can’t Contain His Laughter

Few things are funnier than watching someone try NOT to laugh, as evidenced by Law & Order: UK star Bradley Walsh‘s almost convulsive attempt to keep his composure on The Chase, the British game show he hosts. The reason behind …

WATCH: British Granny Becomes Unlikely Viral Video Vixen

For a successful ad, you don’t need elaborate joke setups, star athletes flexing, or the latest Gaga hit pounding in the background. All you need is a simple British grandma, two boxes of tea, and a cheeky reveal at the end.

WATCH: ‘Law & Order: UK’ British Justice Video

What can you learn about the British justice system from Law & Order: UK? Loads of stuff, apparently.

Top 10 British Viral Videos of 2010

Viral videos have infected every area of our lives. You see them in your Facebook news feed, in frantic midday AIM messages, and on any of those cable news shows that so desperately want to be hip to the whole digital universe.