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WATCH: 10 British Viral Videos You Should Have Seen in 2014

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect upon the things that made 2014 great. Of course, each year brings on a slew of videos that dominate the Internet for what seems like an eternity, and this year is no different.

Top 10 U.K. Viral Videos of 2013: Celebrities Letting Loose

You’ve watched them, shared them, and probably GIF’d them all, but in case you missed some of the best celebrity moments of the year, or just want to watch them again and again, here’s a comprehensive list of our …

Status WHOAH!

Before we even get into this bizarre commercial, you need to know that you’re being manipulated. I’m being manipulated, we’re all being manipulated.

DON’T WATCH: British Man Films Himself Hanging One-Handed From A Crane

OK, if you’re going to come along with us on this particular viral ride, can I ask you to schedule your viewing so that it does not occur during an immediate post-mealtime moment in your day? And in fact, if you’re at all …

WATCH: BBC Radio 1 Host Greg James Parodies Taylor Swift’s ’22’

A few months ago Taylor Swift’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble” was parodied with the  screaming goat. Some Whovians even jumped on the bandwagon and replaced the goat with a Dalek.

Oxford College is All Shook Up Over Harlem Shake

The craze over the Harlem Shake hit Oxford University, as it has just about everywhere else, but one rendition has caused a controversy that this week went all the way to Britain’s House of Commons.

WATCH: Young Man Hand-Farts ‘The Cave’ By Mumford And Sons

No need for much in the way of preamble for this delightful little clip. For once, the headline encapsulates exactly what is going on.

Eleven Of The Greatest Fan-Made Doctor Who Videos of 2012

Let’s start at the beginning, with an essential guide to how to transform your non-Whovian friends into TARDIS-obsessives, just like you:

Watch: How To Get Attention For Your Novel If No One Is Reading It

Hello! Can I introduce you to Simon Spurrier? Simon’s a crime novelist from the UK, and he’s been having a little trouble getting anyone to read his book, despite it being well received by the critics.

WATCH: Crufts Run Spoiled By Desperate Dog

Dog shows are amazing, aren’t they? Man’s best friend working in perfect harmony with his or her owner, whooshing round a set of obstacles like Speedy Gonzales and screeching to a halt just in time to receive a doggy treat …