U.S. Remakes

News Trickling Out on U.S. Version of Skins

AfterElton has nabbed some casting sides of the MTV version of Skins and says the show will maintain the edginess (and gay-friendliness) of the original. “Based on those sides, AfterElton can report that Skins USA does feature a …

American Torchwood In Development at Fox

I’d heard rumors about this for a little while, but today The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news: Fox is developing a U.S.

Life on Mars Is Dead, Ashes To Ashes Rises: Watch Trailer

So ABC’s version of Life On Mars has been cancelled, canned, axed. Are you shocked? Good riddance, I say.

Don’t Mess With Sam Tyler When He’s Having a Ciggie

BoweryBoogie snapped a photo of a very pissed-looking Jason O’Mara on a cigarette break while filming Life On Mars on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. What’s with the scowl, O’Mara? Dude is lucky to be recognized.

OK, How Much Does Gretchen Mol Suck on Life On Mars?

Liz White, Annie on the original UK version of Life On Mars, doesn’t get enough credit for her contribution to that show. After all, she probably had the toughest part to play as Sam Tyler’s love interest, sparring partner, …

Life On Mars Remake “Surprisingly Good”

Tonight is the much-anticipated premiere of ABC’s remake of Life On Mars, the critically-acclaimed British series which aired right here on BBC AMERICA. The new U.

Absolutely Fabulous Is Finally Being Americanized

Years after Roseanne Barr and Carrie Fisher tried and failed, there’s finally going to be an official U.S.

Life On Mars Remake Faces More Ch-Ch-Changes

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