Today’s UK Twitter Trends: Melanie Phillips, Andy Gray, Richard Keys

What’s trending on Twitter in the UK today? Here are the big topics of discussion:

Melanie Phillips. Many in the Twitter community are responding to Daily Mail reporter Melanie Phillips’ latest article, entitled “Gay victims of prejudice risk becoming the new McCarthyites,” claims that Britain is now …

Our Readers Speak Out: Predictions for 2011

We asked some of our Twitter followers to peek into their crystal balls and tell us what UK-related headlines they expected to see in 2011. What did our budding Sylvia Brownes come up to?

Sir Winston Churchill Goes Digital From Beyond the Grave

Sir Winston Churchill may have died 45 years ago, but, starting today, he will be competing with the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry for Twitter supremacy. The Daily Telegraph informs us that Churchill’s estate has set up …

Doctor Who Fans, What If THIS Were Left On Your Door?

Whoever made this image (see right) is absolutely brilliant. I tweeted it this morning and asked all of the Doctor Who fans what they would think if they received a “While You Were Out” message from the Timelord’s …