Rupert Murdoch Calls British Hacking Victims ‘Scumbag Celebrities’

Who needs News of the World when you have Twitter?

Perhaps that’s the way Rupert Murdoch looks at things, since the hacking scandal forced his company News International to close the British tabloid last year.

Five Great ‘Fake ‘Downton Abbey’ Episode’ Summaries

As we wait patiently for new Downton Abbey, we’ll quite simply have to make do with these phony, rather hilarious episode synopses from the @FakeDowntonEps Twitter account. Their tweets have caused no shortage of belly laughs in …

20 Stars Of ‘Doctor Who’ On Twitter

Twitter is a wonder of modern communication, of this we can be in no doubt. How else could you possibly discover a whole range of relatively trivial everyday information about people in the public eye, while watching them chat to …

Golden Globe Winner Peter Dinklage Shouts Out to Fellow Actor


As actor Peter Dinklage left the stage last night, after winning a Golden Globe, he made a special reference to a man in the UK.

The British Riots And Social Media

If you’ve been following the news footage of rioting and looting in London and other British cities over the past few days, you’ll be aware that a situation which began in some unfortunate community policing – after a …

Remembering Amy Winehouse

One of the most touching tributes to Amy Winehouse today came from Tony Bennett, probably the last musician she recorded with.

Today’s Twitter Trends (Apr. 19): Doctor Who’s Day Excitement

Anticipation continues to build on Twitter on this Doctor Who’s Day. Here’s a look at some tweets and photos. The first one’s on us:

Royal Roundup: Wedding Will Be Streamed Live on YouTube

Proving once again they are no longer flummoxed by technology, royal officials have announced they will stream the wedding live on YouTube, The Associated Press reports. The four-hour presentation will include the Westminster Abbey …

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 18): Harsh Critical Phrases

Angry hashtagged criticisms expressing annoyance at other peoples’ behaviors trended on Twitter today in the UK. The three favorite phrases were #shutyodumbassup, #gositinacorner, and #youdeservetobesingle.

Today’s Twitter Trends (Apr. 12): Doctor Who and Fake Spoilers

Today’s post is a slight variation on our look at Twitter trends: given all the hoopla over Doctor Who — let’s just call it Doctor Whoopla — we thought we’d look at some of today’s tweets about the good …