Tom Baker

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Robots (Of Death)

This blog is going to be a moment of  personal catharsis from my youth, and as such, there may be repressed emotions at play that I can’t control, and I won’t know they’re on the way until they pop up, so bear with …

Life Outside The TARDIS: Tom Baker

For other people in the public eye, it might not be all that relevant to cite six years of a training as a monk, from the age of 15. I mean if it turned out that Alan Alda or Jack Johnson had been through such an experience, it would …

Rob Zombie Impersonates Tom Baker…Ish

Our friends over at the Nerdist Channel have released this video to promote Rob Zombie’s new show, in which the Grizzled Dead Mountain Bear of Rock and Films (no trademark, I just made it up) waggles a Fourth Doctor doll in front …

Elisabeth Sladen’s Autobiography Coming Soon

One of the sad things about Elisabeth Sladen’s cruelly premature death in April of this year, is that it denied her the chance to tell the full, uninterrupted story of working on the longest running science fiction TV show of all …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Karen Gillan Set for Series 7 Return

While it’s a done deal that Matt Smith will be manning the TARDIS for the foreseeable future, Karen Gillan has confirmed that she will indeed be back for Series 7. Hooray!

How To Dress Like The Fourth Doctor

There’s a brilliant bit at the beginning of Tom Baker’s very first episode as the Doctor, in part one of Robot, where he is attempting to decide what kind of clothes he wants to wear. He goes into the TARDIS and comes out …

Who’s Day Roundup: Douglas Adams’ ‘Shada’ Set for 2012 Book

Douglas Adams‘s lost Doctor Who serial, “Shada,” is set to be novelized by BBC Books, The Guardian reports.

Matt Smith’s Doctor: “A Bit Like Tom Baker Minus the Scarf”

The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil Midgley followed the filming of the new Doctor Who series over the course of six months, and his article contains lots of great nuggets of information.