The Last Dinner on the Titanic: Historical Curiosity or Macabre Obsession?

On April 14, 1912, first-class passengers on the Titanic sat down to an 11-course meal. For many, it would be their final meal as that night the luxury liner hit an iceberg, broke apart and sank into the frigid waters of the Atlantic ...

The Brit List: Titanic Disaster Still Captivates Audiences 100 Years Later

Plenty of ships have gone down but few continue to fascinate like the Titanic, which sank into the Atlantic a hundred years ago.

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Sorry to say, but there are at least nine more months until Season 3 of Downton Abbey starts on PBS. (Own Season 2 on DVD.

‘Downton’ Roundup: News from the Abbey, Including Airdate for Julian Fellowes’ ‘Titanic’

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Is Harry Potter 7(b) The Third Greatest Film Of All Time?

It’s official; JK Rowling is now more popular than JRR Tolkein, in terms of movie box office returns, at any rate.