Tim Roth

‘Selma': A Very American Story Told Through British Actors

Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent struggle to secure voting rights is a defining moment in American history, yet in the new film Selma it is told through a cast where the key roles are all played by British actors.

Cannes: Tim Roth Shows Softer Side in Father-Daughter Drama

At the Cannes Film Festival, Tim Roth, best known for his bad guy roles, can be seen playing against type as a tender-hearted father in the British film Broken.

The Tellyvangelist: October 4 – 10

In today’s Tellyvangelist – your weekly guide to what’s British on American TV – we preview the return of Tim Roth‘s Lie To Me, Tony Blair on Letterman, Sir Patrick Stewart on The View, a night of cult UK …

Tim Roth: “I Think Britain Is a Disgusting Wreck of a Place…I Will Never Move Back There.”

Actor Tim Roth practically disowns his birth nation in The Times: “I’m not patriotic. I think my country is a disgusting wreck of a place…I will never move back there.