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The Brit List: Ten Delightful Uses For A Union Flag

I’m sure I don’t need to explain this to a flag-appreciating nation such as the US, but it’s very, very easy to put a flag on a thing, and make it look better. Especially when your flag is a lovely bright red, streaked ...

WATCH: The Who Unveil Arty New Video For ’5:15′

It shouldn’t normally be of any concern to the likes of you and me that a man called Jeff Rodenberg, hailing from Minnesota, has won a competition to make a video for a song that is nearly 40 years old. And yet, watching his ...

News Roundup: Emma Watson, Too Famous To Date

There are many downsides to growing up in public. The public catching you while you’re in mid transformation from one thing to another and deciding that’s the real you.

Five Innovative British Bass Players

So, we’ve done the gentleman singer, the inventive guitar player, the stick-twiddling drummer, but our great British band cannot be complete without the guy (or girl) who glues the whole thing together. It’s fine for the ...

Five Great British Drummers

It’s almost certainly unfair to trim this list down to just five players. A good band cannot become a great band without a great drummer (just ask the Foo Fighters, they’ve got two), and so for every great British band there ...

Five Great Inventive British Guitar Heroes

Before we start: I just wanted to say that yes, there have been far more than five astonishing British guitarists in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. And we could argue all day about who they are, and whether Jimi Hendrix could ...

Pete Townshend’s Autobiography Is Finally Ready

Pete Townshend, the guitar smashing, hotel wrecking, spirit questing, song writing engine room of the Who, has finally announced a release date for his autobiography. The book, which will be called Pete Townshend: Who He?

Paul McCartney: ‘No One Captured The Sixties Like Linda’

The late great Linda McCartney’s pioneering rock photography — no flash, natural light, comfortable subject — is being celebrated in a new book which has been put together by her husband Paul (who apparently used to be ...

Anglo For Your Ear: Roger Daltrey’s “Giving It All Away”

Leaving a legendary group to make a solo record is always a risk. An artist’s flaws and excess can become glaring without the safety net of a band.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Who’s “I Can See For Miles”

A very psychedelic performance, apparently from a 1967 episode of The Smothers Brothers. I get high just watching it, for several reasons. Oh yea-aaah!