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Greatest ‘Doctor Who’ References in Pop Culture: Spoofs

As you’d expect of any show that has lasted as long as Doctor Who has, there have been no shortage of skits based on Time Lords, Daleks, TARDISes and regenerations over the years. In fact, there’s a fairly comprehensive list ...

One Direction Accused of ‘Plagiarizing’ The Who, But Not By The Who

If you’ve heard boyband One Direction‘s new single on the radio recently and wondered whether you were listening to a cover of The Who‘s classic track “Baba O’Riley”, you’re not alone. A ...

Five Deadly British Locations

You probably think of Britain as being a green and pastoral paradise, that is basically Hobbiton with Tower Bridge, thatched roofs and the occasional palace, but it can be a very scary place. Bad stuff happens over here, stuff that even ...

Six Iconic Instruments That Built British Rock

Note: these aren’t British instruments. In fact there aren’t many, if any, musical instruments that could be said to have definitely had their sole origin in the British Isles, although bagpipes come close.

10 Great British Bands Get Shredded

Let’s not spoil this with too much talk. Suffice to say there are 10 videos here, featuring some of the greatest musicans that Britain has produced. Only, they don’t really sound all that magnificent here.

(Up To) Eleven Of The Greatest British Rocker T-Shirts

See this pic? That’s Sarah from BBC AMERICA’s Orphan Black rocking a particularly iconic Clash teesh.

Don’t Feed The Animals. Or The Who, For That Matter

Here’s an important safety tip for all rock fans. Should you wish to approach some of the more curmudgeonly members of the old British rockers brigade – a Van Morrison or a Ringo Starr –  with what may seem like a perfectly ...

Who Wants Free Tickets to See The Who?

“Whooo are you? Who, who?

So Who’s Going To Appear At The Closing Ceremony Of The London Games?

Having effectively blown cynics away with the opening ceremony (or at the very least shushed them up for a week or so), the organisers of the London Games have something of a hill to climb in coming up with an appropriate ending. ...

The Who Honor 33-Year-Old Rhode Island Ticket Stubs

The Who are set to tour the US once more in 2013, touring their mod opera “Quadrophenia” in its entirety for American audiences. But there’s one particularly special date that Rhode Islanders with long memories may ...