The State Within

Brit Binge: Five Political Dramas You Can View Online

BBC America aired the original House of Cards on February 17, 2013. Don’t worry if you missed it, it’s currently available on Netflix and on Blue-ray at the BBC Shop.

The Brit List: Summer of London – Art and Museum Shows

Perhaps you’ve noticed that blogs love lists, and we here at Anglophenia are no exception. In fact, during this Summer of London, we’ve even pumped up our list making.

BBC AMERICA Lands Three Golden Globe Nominations

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has given BBC AMERICA a lot of love over the years – maybe it’s that whole foreign thing – and this year is no different.

Life Imitates “The State Within”: British Pakistanis Face Extra Scrutiny in U.S.

The people behind BBC AMERICA's The State Within are looking pretty prescient today. In the six-part miniseries, British Muslims were interned in America after UK citizens were suspected of blowing up a US aircraft.