The Specials

Nelson Mandela and the Most Potent Protest Song Ever Recorded

Former South African president Nelson Mandela, 94, is currently critically ill in a hospital in Pretoria. He has been attempting to fight off a recurring lung infection, which has left him struggling to breathe unaided.

To The End: Blur Bow Out At The London Games’ Other Closing Ceremony

Damon Albarn is lost for words. It’s the end of two-hour long set by his band Blur, supposedly the very last thing they will ever do, and he can’t find a way to express what this all means.

So Who’s Going To Appear At The Closing Ceremony Of The London Games?

Having effectively blown cynics away with the opening ceremony (or at the very least shushed them up for a week or so), the organisers of the London Games have something of a hill to climb in coming up with an appropriate ending. …

Amy Winehouse Looking Like She Belongs To Our Species!

Could it be? Could Girlfriend actually be getting it together? Amy WInehouse joined legendary ska band The Specials onstage at this weekend’s V Festival, and she appeared to be in good spirit, good voice, and good face.