The Smiths

Morrissey Backs Johnny Marr’s Rant Against David Cameron

(L-R) Morrissey, Johnny Marr

English guitar legend Johnny Marr recently took to Twitter to vent his dislike for British Prime Minister David Cameron recent admission of liking his former band The Smiths.

Morrissey Shares His ‘Supreme 13 Singles’

Hot on the heels of his "Everyday Is Like Sunday" reissue out this week, Morrissey indulges us with his "supreme 13 singles" via his official Facebook page. It's a classic range between '60s pop and '70s glam rock and the …

Paul Weller Disses Morrissey In Print

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Anglo For Your Ear: Electronic’s “Get the Message” and “Disappointed”

The Smiths + New Order + Pet Shop Boys = bliss. For me, this is the supergroup to end all supergroups. (Screw The Traveling Wilburys).

Anglo For Your Ear: Sandie Shaw’s “There’s Always Something There To Remind Me”

This 1964 version of the Bacharach standard actually holds up against Dionne Warwick‘s 1967 rendition. Make no mistake, that is truly an accomplishment: Dionne is probably the best female pop singer of the past 50 years.

Anglo For Your Ear: My Tribute to Morrissey and The Smiths

While I’ve been a Moz fanatic for about eight years now, but I was a Morrissey virgin in every way that mattered until last Saturday. I’d missed his You Are the Quarry tour a few years back, in which he performed here in New …

Anglo For Your Ear: Morrissey’s “My Love Life”

This song is regularly cited by hardcore Moz fans as his best solo work. (I’m torn between “Lucky Lisp” and “National Front Disco” myself.

Listen To the Full Arctic Monkeys Album

AOL Music is having a listening pah-ty for the Arctic Monkeys‘ Favourite Worst Nightmare, which is out today. Yes, that means you can listen to every track from the album – for free!

The Smiths To Be Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

I've never expected The Smiths to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Their influence on rock is undeniable, but unlike The Police or The Clash, they never scored any mainstream success here.

Yes, We’ve Heard This One Before…Done a Helluva Lot Better