The Simpsons

Five Alternative Uses For The Cerne Abbas Giant

Cover your eyes, readers of a nervous disposition, for the images you are about to witness are not only graphic, and of a sexual nature, but also, like, really, really old.

Greatest ‘Doctor Who’ References in Pop Culture: Spoofs

As you’d expect of any show that has lasted as long as Doctor Who has, there have been no shortage of skits based on Time Lords, Daleks, TARDISes and regenerations over the years. In fact, there’s a fairly comprehensive list …

WATCH: Sky One Recreates ‘The Simpsons’ Opening Credits… With People!

This possibly won’t mean as much as a message as it does over here, given that The Simpsons is made in America, for the American Fox network, to be shown on the Fox network, in America, and therefore there’s no real …

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Headed For Springfield

This was surely only a matter of time, but Benedict Cumberbatch is set to appear in a future episode of The Simpsons. This, after his appearance in the next Star Trek movie, and The Hobbit, surely secures his place as the premier …

Ricky Gervais Invades Springfield… Again

The Simpsons is a show which has featured a lot of celebrity cameos over the years. Everyone from Elizatheth Taylor to Sir Paul McCartney has been rendered into yellowvision and introduced to the people of Springfield.

WATCH: Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais on ‘The Simpsons’

With the 83rd annual Academy Awards just around the corner, Sunday night’s (February 20) episode of The Simpsons played on the 2011 awards season with their hilarious Oscars special, Angry Dad: The Movie. Some of Britain’s …

Ricky Gervais to Reprise Hosting Duties on ‘The Simpsons’?

Ricky Gervais may have ruffled Hollywood’s feathers (and then some) during his recent Golden Globes hosting gig, but his MC days aren’t over.

Roundup: Sir Paul McCartney Sizes Up to Bully Biker

Don't mess with Sir Paul McCartney. The famed ex-Beatle displayed some comical behavior when scoffing at a hasty cyclist near his office in Central London earlier today.