The Royals

Royal Roundup: In Wedding Vows, Kate Will Not ‘Obey’ William

Kate will not “obey” William. In their wedding vows, Kate will promise to “love, comfort, honor and keep” William, but will omit “obey.”

Royal Roundup: Wedding Will Be Streamed Live on YouTube

Proving once again they are no longer flummoxed by technology, royal officials have announced they will stream the wedding live on YouTube, The Associated Press reports. The four-hour presentation will include the Westminster Abbey …

Royal Roundup: Britons Prefer Charles Over William as Next King

Good news for Prince Charles. A new poll says that 45 percent of Britons would prefer him to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth, as reigning monarch.

Royal Roundup: No Wedding Gifts, Please – Give to Charity Instead

Wedding Music: Will William and Kate Follow Royal Tradition?

As Prince William and Kate Middleton draw up the order of service for their own wedding at Westminster Abbey, they have plenty of family examples rich in tradition to study, and no end of ceremonial music to choose from. The first …

Royal Marriage Rules: The Laws That Bind William and Kate’s Romance

What are the laws that govern royal marriages? Peter Hunt, BBC's royal correspondent, looks at the rules that bind Prince William and Kate Middleton as they prepare to walk down the aisle.

Royal Roundup: William and Kate’s Roast Dinner Portrait

Perhaps this is someone’s idea of good taste. Crown Carveries, a UK pub chain, has unveiled a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton using only the ingredients in a roast dinner.

Royal Wedding Fever: Why Americans Might Feel It More Than Brits Do

As the royal wedding approaches, Nicky Perry is making elaborate plans to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s marriage. “We’re going to have ourselves a right old knees-up,” says the exuberant owner of Tea …

Brides Checklist: Kate’s Hair and Makeup

11 weeks until the royal couple walks down the aisle. Brides Magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge takes on a crucial planning point for Kate Middleton — the hair and makeup.

Wallis Simpson: How an American Stole the Heart of a British King

Wallis Simpson never became Queen, but the Baltimore-raised society hostess did win the heart of a King. The 1930s love affair between Wallis, the American socialite, and King Edward VIII, ended with the King abdicating so he could be …