The Royal Family

Morrissey: ‘The Royal Family Are Benefit Scroungers’

If you’ve been caught up in the romance and pageantry of the Royal Wedding this week, you may find some of the opinions expressed within this news item a little challenging. Try to think of them as a cleansing astringent, or a …

Could the Crown Go to William, Skipping Prince Charles?

This is a momentous week for the Royal Family, a chance to beam the image of a modern monarchy across the globe, as Prince William and Catherine Middleton marry at Westminster Abbey on Friday.

Royal Roundup: Official Wedding Site Has 96-Page Media Briefing

Want to amaze ‘em at your royal party or at the office kitchen? Then head on over to the official royal website and download the 96(!)-page media briefing.

Royal Roundup: In Wedding Vows, Kate Will Not ‘Obey’ William

Kate will not “obey” William. In their wedding vows, Kate will promise to “love, comfort, honor and keep” William, but will omit “obey.”

Royal Roundup: William Reportedly Took Kate to Visit Diana’s Tomb

Kate and William paid an “emotional” visit to the tomb of Princess Diana, The Daily Mirror reports. William’s late mother is buried in a marble temple on a small island, known as “The Oval,” on the …

Royal Roundup: Wedding Will Be Streamed Live on YouTube

Proving once again they are no longer flummoxed by technology, royal officials have announced they will stream the wedding live on YouTube, The Associated Press reports. The four-hour presentation will include the Westminster Abbey …

What Polls Reveal About Britain’s Support for the Monarchy

The barrage of publicity surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding has certainly raised the profile of the British royal family, but what does a reading of the public opinion poll tea leaves tell us about the …

Royal Roundup: Sweet News for Baker Fiona Cairns

The bakers have been announced for the two cakes that will be served at Kate and William’s wedding reception. The multi-tiered wedding fruit cake will be crafted by Leicestershire’s Fiona Cairns.

Royal Roundup: In College, William Chose Juice Over Alcohol

Ah, the life of a young prince. Away at college, nothing like stopping by one of the fancier local bars and knocking back a cocktail of … fruit juice? So reports Scotland’s Daily Record.

Royal Roundup: Kate & William’s Official Website May Stream Wedding

The world is still abuzz with the debut of the official Kate and William website. According to The Press Association, the site will break the news about Kate‘s wedding dress and other details on the big day, April 29.