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Royal Roundup: Not Yet Born, Royal Baby Already Has Travel Plans

Contrary to some recent rumors, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has not as of this posting gone into labor, so we (and plenty of others worldwide) are still patiently and excitedly awaiting the royal baby. But there is news to ...

Royal Roundup: Happily, Patiently, and Preparedly Waiting For the Royal Birth

As might be expected, the royal family is just as excited about the royal birth as everybody else, if not more. At a garden party in Edinburgh, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall all were ...

Duchess Of Cambridge Phone Hoax Nurse Has Been Found Dead

The other day, we ran the story about the two Australian radio DJs who had rung London’s King Edward VII Hospital, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. It wasn’t a malicious phone call per se, but they wanted to ...

French Police To Arrest Photographer For Taking Kate Middleton Topless Pictures

The international row about a paparazzi photographer sneaking hundreds of shots of Princess Catherine sunbathing topless looks set to end in court, with French police pledging to arrest the snapper in question. If they are convicted, ...

Royal Roundup: Prince Harry Says the Queen Needs Prince Philip at Her Side


Royal Roundup: Murder at Sandringham?


It sounds like the type of fictional murder mystery that the English virtually invented – except that in this case, the body is very real. Sorry, even the previous sentence sounds like book jacket copy for a whodunit set among the ...

Pippa Middleton Is Britain’s Fantasy Snow White

Polls are strange things: you ask a bunch of people the same question, and gather together the most common answers. Does that mean you can extrapolate outwards to make a sweeping generalisation like in the headline above this very blog ...

Royal Roundup: Prince of Wales Visits Tanzania and South Africa

Prince Charles is in Tanzania, the second leg of his African tour, after a five-day visit to South Africa.

Obscene Graffiti From 1902 Found In Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace has been the home of some of Britain’s most respected members of the Royal Family. Queen Victoria used to live there, so did Diana, Princess of Wales. George II and Princess Margaret did too.

Royal Roundup: Will and Kate Visit Denmark, Meet ‘Lookalike’ Princess

Now that the Queen is back home from her whirlwind Australian tour, the rest of the royal family appears to be taking off.