The Rolling Stones

Ten Great British Songs Performed By Muppets

Note: some of these are songs performed with Muppets as well as by Muppets. But there are songs and there are Muppets, so that should be good enough for anyone.

WATCH: The Rolling Stones Release First New Single In 7 Years

Well now, this is a surprise!

The Rolling Stones have today released a new song called “Doom and Gloom” as a teaser for their latest greatest hits compilation, which is entitled “GRRR!” and has a picture of a gorilla with the band’s …

Happy 50th Birthday, The Rolling Stones!

Now, before anyone attempts to blow out the impossible wall of fire on the cake, we are going to pause for a moment, and attempt to summarise the adventures of the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band In the World, the piratical …

WATCH: British Cover Versions of Etta James Classics

American blues/soul singer Etta James passed away today at age 73, and the sad news has inspired countless tributes and remembrances all over Twitter and the web. James, whose voice conveyed both the salty and sweet sides of the blues, …

Is This It For The Rolling Stones?

On July 12 next year, it will be 50 years since the very first Rolling Stones concert (or Rollin’ Stones, as they were known at the time) at London’s Marquee Club. At the time they were strictly a blues and R&B covers band, …

Rolling Sex Beatles For The Olympics?

Some news stories contain such a heady mix of excitement, horror and wishful thinking, no one is entirely sure how best to react: this next item is a perfect example.

Mick Jagger to Make His Grammy Performance Debut

Mick Jagger is set to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards for the very first time. According to a CBS press release, the Rolling Stones frontman will be joined by Grammy-nominated vocalist Raphael Saadiq to honor the late soul legend …

Keith Richards’ Second Hand Smoke Blamed for Killing Flower

You know it’s Friday when you come across a crazy headline like the one I saw on The Guardian‘s website this morning: “Keith Richards killed my orchid”.

America’s Got Boyle: Watch Susan’s Best Performance Yet

Susan Boyle had her U.S.

New Photos of The Beatles Show Ringo Was the Sexy One

New photos of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have been uncovered. “The behind-the-scenes, intimate and unguarded shots, have been unearthed after spending 45 years in a duffel bag of The Beatles and Rolling Stone’s …